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Federal and State Tax Resources
  Internal Revenue Service There is a lot of information at this site, from tax forms to information for individuals and businesses to weekly press releases from the IRS.  
  California Taxes On-Line Spidell Publishing issues "tax tidbits" a couple times a week at the portion of their Web site that has free access.  
  PPCnet Practitioners Publishing Company has a federal tax data sheet listing the changes in various tax items (personal exemption, wage subject to the FICA tax, cents per mile allowance, etc.) from 1998 through 2000.  
  Social Security Administration You can request a copy your year end Form SSA-1099, verification of the social security benefits you receive and a Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement.  You will also find out that the social security trust fund will be depleted in 2034 unless Congress and the President get their act together.  
  Thomas Named for Thomas Jefferson, this service provides access to full text of federal legislation, lists members of the House and Senate, and gives access to the Library of Congress. This is a great site for keeping track of a bill from the time it is introduced to when it is signed into law.  
  U.S. Treasury Current IRS forms and instructions. You will need to download Adobe Acrobat in order to view and print these. A great source as a back-up to your in-house forms service.  
  1040.com Download federal and state forms, visit the news room, or explore taxing subjects for general information about tax law changes, moving expense deductions, vehicle depreciation, student returns, etc.  
Accounting Resources  
  Research Institute of America Select full text articles from Federal Taxes Weekly Alert, State and Local Taxes Weekly, Pension & Benefits Week, Estate Planner's Alert, and the International Tax Alert. The Washington DC Highlights provide the latest tax news from the IRS and the Congress. Product brochures and software updates also available.  
General Business Resources  
  Small Business Administration More than 10,000 pages of information, to include news and a calendar of events; starting, financing and expanding a business; program services; shareware links; government resources and more.  
  SIC Codes Includes the new NAICS codes.  
  U.S. Business Advisor One stop electronic link to government for business; with browse or search capabilities. Useful if doing business with the government. Includes news and common questions.  
College Tuition Savings Programs  
  California Student Aid Commission This website contains "a wealth of information on State, federal, and institutional financial aid programs. This site will help you find the answers on how to fund a post-high school education."  
  Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine Kiplinger's Web site has a section devoted to kids and money, specifically focused on ways to save for college.  
  College Savings Plan Prepared by the National Association of State Treasurers, this Web site has a map link to each state that has a Web site for their college savings program.  
  The California Golden State Scholarshare College Saving Trust This is where you and your family can begin planning for the future college education of the children in your life with California's tax-deferred college savings plan.    
State of California Government Offices  
  Franchise Tax Board Income Tax  
  Employment Development   Payroll Tax  
  State Board of Equalization  Sales and Property Tax  
  Secretary of State "The Secretary of State's Business Service Center can help you find public information on corporations, limited partnerships, and LLCs registered with the State of California."  
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